Noodle is STILL sleeping.  Wow.  I think yesterday wore her out.  I went in there about 15 minutes ago, I figured she was just playing in her crib like normal, but she was knocked out on her stomach.  She didn't wake up at all at night, and I gave her a bottle this morning and she fell back asleep.  Huh.  I'm just glad that she slept through the night... it's been a while since she's done that, she's been teething lately (one broke through in the bottom front, and another is almost through) so she's been waking up 3-4 times a night. 

Anyways, last night's dinner turned out really well.  I ended up putting a little garlic and soy sauce on the pork chops as an experiment... yummy.  I usually make terriyaki porkchops which involve me boiling them in water, soysauce, and pineapple... turns out good, but I think panfrying them with soy sauce tastes better.  I think dh was surprised at how much food I cooked.  

Oh and haha, while I was at walmart I bought a cheap cieling brush thingy.  Our cieling around our fan was BLACK.  Yes... it was that nasty with cat hair and dust.... I tried cleaning it with the broom, but it's that bumpy stucco ceiling so plaster just fell.  It ended up taking me almost 45 minutes to get all the dust down, and then a bit after to vacuum it up (electrostatic brush my asshole)... but it looks AWESOME now.  When Dh came home I made him stand and stare and he nearly crapped himself.  Hehe.  

Anyways.  I'm done for now. 

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 2:45 PM did you give NB baby benadryl?  well, did you?  and before anybody that isn't my friend chews my arse via pm (cuz i'm all private and crap) it's a frigging joke.  oh my crap.

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 9:16 PM Aw, I can relate to the teething baby and sleepless nights. Poor things...

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