ok to make a REALLY REALLY long story short, i live in a huge house 3 floors, its a family house and we live on the 3rd floor. its not my fam its my boyfriends....so anyways..they go WAY beyond spanking and what they do is not right or safe...so me not ever growing up around anything like that got way more upset than others in the family did...and i voiced my opinion..which wasnt wrong right? i mean its the saftey of two children...well one of the aunts who doesnt even live in this house decided that she wanted to say i was saying much much more terrible things and the one day i was excited i got a job and i posted in a myspace bullietn, " thank god so excited now we can save up an move the hell out of this nightmare of a house" she prinnted it out and passed it out to the fam. and they all got mad??? whoa what the hell? so i sent her a private message saying she doesnt live her she doesnt know how much of a piece of shit they are downstairs and then that turned into even more..but i was just like what the fuck they dotn just spank they BEAT and yell at their 3 and 4 yr old like they are adults...ive seen and heard it!!!!!! well the surveys that you can fill out for fun on myspace, this aunt she does them all the time...the other day i was readin 3 of them that she had posted and one of the ?'s was something along the lines of what is somehting that has been tramatic to you in the past or something...her response..i was molested and raped by my brother...now she has 6 of them...one of which is my daughters grandfather and the others are uncles...so ok i called someone in their family a piece of shit, but she calls her OWN BLOOD FAMILY rapist an molesters and IM  the one that is getting the finger pointed at?!?!?!?! theres like tons and tons more but thats pretty much the huge gist of it all...now im really upset at the fact that these people think im the bad one and i dont even want to go to family functions now i dont want to be around people who say its ok to call fam rapist and molesters but not ok to be called a piece of shit?? i dont know what to do...it will upset meme and pepe if they dont see alexa but its like their house is the place where easter, xmas etc all that happnes...so  now what?? i dont want to sit at home while my bf and alexa go to his parents because she is my daughter, i dont want to miss holidays with her becausee the family is fucking wacked out..the aunt send me a really long mean and hurtful email this morning so its just making it all worse..


i guess i just needed to get it all out because i ahve no one else to talk to about it..matt is at work along with his mom and dad so nothing can be solved..i had been told by matts mom to just let it go, and let pete (the aunts brother, and alexas grandfather) talk to her and solve it..but it still hurts and i still have to go through the whole day with all the threats emails and calls im getting....

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 10:30 AM Dear Alexasmomma. I am sorry to hear about all the drama going on at your place of residence. Let me ask you: is there another place you can go that is safe? What about your parents? This family bullcrap is never going to end while you are still in the house. The main problem is that it is theirs, not yours and your boyfriends. I really urge you to get out while you still can, this does not mean leaving your boyfriend, but you two should discuss some other options. That environment is not safe or healthy for you, your child or your relationship.

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 10:38 AM thats what sucks, all of my family is either in PA or my parents they live in VA...so up until all the problems its like his family has been a big part of me...but now its just exactly what you said, i dont want my daughter or us anywhere near it..we just dont have many options..$$ wise and just his parents are already having his sister and her 5 yr old son stay their so there is no room...

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