Elwood Blues has nothing on my husband. I caved. I bought a box of Lucky Charms. Yes, I know it's nothing but a box of vitamin fortified tooth-rot, but it came with a magical popper "free inside."

Anyway, I normally don't buy junk cereal so my husband says to me "Can I hide this from the kids?"

Well, this morning I went to pour myself a bowl of cereal. Suspiciously, the Lucky Charms are not on the cereal shelf. I thought he had been joking so I razzed him about really hiding them.

He says to me, "I didn't hide them. They're right in plain view on the bottom shelf of the lazy susan. They wouldn't fit on the cereal shelf."

Yeah, right! I've been known to squeeze 7 or 8 boxes of cereal on the cereal shelf. There was tons of room. Can I prove that his story is nothing but a load of bs? Consider this. When the kids made their cereal this morning they made themselves plain Cheerios. The Lucky Charms box was unopened. I ask you, "If the Lucky Charms were in 'plain sight' as my husband maintains, would the children have have bypassed them for the 'mere 2 grams of sugar per serving' plain Cheerios? I would like to say 'yes, certainly' but unfortunately, I live in the real world where fluorescent colored cereal boxes lure children in like a moth to flame. There's no way they would have chosen the Cheerios. He hid the Lucky Charms. No doubt in my mind.


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Feb. 1, 2008 at 10:32 AM Yes he did....I happen to agree...LOL

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