4:25pm - We went to L&D with (what I thought at the time were strong) contractions every couple minutes, and I was checked for dilation and effacement. I was STILL only dilated to a three and the nurse said that my cervix was high, rather than low and that they could not admit me at that time, and to come back when my contractions lasted longer than a min each.

5:20pm - full of disappointment and tears I was discharged from L&D and we headed to the store and to dinner at IHOP where my goal was to stuff my self so full shed have no where to go but out.  That didn't work either

Between 7 and 9 pm we tried a array of things to help speed up labor including two hot baths, walking the perimeter of the apartment complex, pineapple, and sex… nothing seemed to work and I was getting upset. Tiffaney and Bo's mom both segregated I try the Castor Oil theory. So at five to nine we picked some up at Walgreens and I was willing to give it a shot.

10:45pm - I drank 4tbls of castor oil in hopes of speeding up the labor
Between 11pm and 4am I had three really gross bowel movements. Almost as soon as my stomach was completely empty my contractions started to flare up. Bad enough I could not stay asleep any longer

4:12am - I started timing my contractions but they were still about 8 minutes apart. I walked myself out to the computer to start up some reading and got distracted playing cards and watching tv

6:00am my contractions seemed to be right on top of each other and I had a lot of pressure in my bum when they came I could no longer sit, I had to lift myself up off my computer chair. This was it. I KNEW I was in labor at this point, but the disappointment of being discharged earlier put fear into my head and I remembered the rules about timing contractions so I kept timing as best I could. They were 70secs to two mins long and 2 or 3 mins apart.

6:19am - I woke up Tiffaney saying something along the lines of "Tiff, Um my contractions are two mins apart now, and like two mins long… but I can let you sleep a little while and keep timing them…" and her response was, "go get your shoes" I woke up Bo and we all headed up to L&D again.

6:40am - I was admitted again into L&D where I was checked again for dilation and effacement. Bo went with me. I was contracting so hard I was crying and Tiffaney told them they HAD to let her back there. I was 5cm and 100% and was ready to go, and was taken to my birthing room around 8am.

8:45am - I was checked again and was dilated to 7cm. Tiffaney called my mom, Bo called his mom and we tried to get a hold of my dad. They told me I was going a lot faster than expected and explained to me that first time mommys usually dilate about an inch an hour and that I would probably have another 3 hours of  active labor and anywhere from 1 to 3 hours of pushing to follow that.  I was already in a lot of pain and we had discussed getting my epidural out of the way. I was complaining a lot saying that "It feels like shes trying to come out my butt"

Around 9:15 I was prepped for epidural. Bo had to leave the room because only one person could be in there, and I knew Tiffaney would be a bigger help to me. They found a spot and started sticking me. They hit something that made me jump real fast and my leg started  to feel as if it were electrocuted, I panicked and started crying because one reason I didn't want to get an epidural in the first place is the slight chance of paralysis due to nerve damage. So they took it out of that spot immediately, and once I relaxed again they  tried two more spots before they found the magic spot.

It wasn't  too long after my epidural was in, that that my mom and siblings arrived. Around 10:30 I was checked again and I was at a 9. They propped my leg up on a little thing and I told them about the pressure that I felt in my rectum with the contractions. Even with the epidural I was still holding on to the side of my bed when the contractions came. At about five to 11 we talked about my pain, and I told them that my body was telling push but I wouldn't until they told me too, so they checked again and I was at a 10. I rembember being all drugged out asking "how far can I go?" and my RN was like "A ten, That's it. She's coming" And her saying  "Were going do some practice pushes and we'll get Kate (my midwife)"

11:00am - I started these practice pushes which nobody mentioned was crowning my baby.  I had 6 contractions total, three pushes each and seventeen minutes later Ava Lynn Christine Frye was born. The hardest part of all was my midwife stretching me out to avoid a tear. It was a lot faster and easier than expected. With the second to the last push her head was out, and a final push her tiny body slid out and she was placed on my tummy immediately. Daddy was so happy, and I started to cry. She was absolutely perfect. 7lbs 8oz, 18 and a quarter inch long with all her fingers and toes and a head fully of gorgeous blond hair. She looks just like her dad.

I had to have three stitches put in because she did tear a little bit. She had a hard time latching on and ruined my right breast at first. Her tiny body is also very easily chilled, and they told me at one point that if they took her temp a third time too low, they were going to have to give her blood tests. After that, she never left my side. We spent 49.5 hours at the hospital getting spoiled and taken care of. Daddy had to go to work on the morning of the 30th, and that was kind of hard for the both of us. He really wants the bonding time with his daughter. Her favorite way to sleep is with her feet on my belly, propped up by my legs. She absolutely loves the sound of her daddy's voice. I got a scratchy throat from the dry recycled air and am developing a cough, but other than that we are both very healthy and happy together.

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Feb. 10, 2008 at 11:15 PM YEAH How exciting!!!!

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