This week has been so difficult so I feel maybe I need to write out what I have been going through.

My husband & I have been having problems for awhile now..It seems he has a definant problem cheating on me (although he would deny this until he was blue in the face) a woman just knows these things. For over 1 month he has been sleeping on the couch & we only communicate when it has to deal with the kids & the house. The time is coming very soon where he is going to not be living there this week will be his final week on our house. Part of me is so sad to see him go I have loved this man for over 12 years..I was only 17 when we 1st met. Another part is relieved to see him go he has lied & cheating on too many times..3 strikes & he is finally out..Ok enough about him

My hubby was a stay at home dad so he has watched all 3 kids due to the fact that i have a better career with a degree. Well with him leaving I had to put my kids in daycare. DJ is 7 & in the 1st grade so he goes to latchkey in the afternoons this isnt so bad because he loves getting to play longer with kids in his class. Dominic is 4 he is now in daycare for the full day but leaves for 3hrs each day to go to his other school for his speech class. This happens to be during naptime at he is exhausted from such a long day and we can't switch to a different time.. Alana will be 3 in 3 months..but man is she so unhappy to go to daycare. She cries her little heart out..The first fews days she would not eat anything & she wouldn't sleep..She just sobbed all day long. Today it was slightly better..1 day at a time but I am so glad that today is Friday & I can spend the weekend with the kids.

I just wanted to add for the kids we are trying to make this split as easy as possible without hurting the kids really bad. Honestly Delon is a great father just a really shitty husband. We see things much differently & we are very opposite from one another.


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