Yesterday was absolutely no fun for me. I had went to bed the night before with mild contractions. I thought nothing of it as I laid down because they didn't appear to be regular. Well once I laid down and fell asleep I noticed that I was waking up more than usual. Each time I would wake up, I would look up at the clock and notice that it was always exactly 30 minutes from the last time I checked. I really didn't pay it much mind at first because I do have insomnia and being 9 months pregnant can really make sleeping hard on me. Well after the first few times of this happening I started wondering why I was waking up EXACTLY 30 minutes apart. I then began wondering if it were contractions that were waking me up. The waking every 30 minutes continued until I woke up to get my daughter off to school and at that time I started paying more attention and noticed that it WAS contractions. These contractions kept up for a total of 19 hours (starting at midnight) and stayed consistant then just suddenly stopped. I was a bit bummed that they stopped because regular contractions that STAY regular for that long get your hopes up, even if they are far apart.

Well, I ended up chalking up the disappointment and going about my day. Now I have been having a lot of swelling in my right foot, ankle and lower calf lately. Normally I would just do a number of things and the swelling would subside. Well last night the swelling got worse and worse. No matter what I did it refused to go down. The swelling was so bad my foot and lower leg felt like they were about to explode. I also noticed that on a few occasions I would grow dizzy and nearly black out. After this happened a few times, I grew scared (mostly because I was already being screened for pre-eclampsia and hadn't got the results back). So we hauled everyone out of bed and ran up to labor and delivery. They hooked me up to everything and basically told me that I was fine. They didn't seem concerned at all. They told me that my blood pressure was a little high and my urine did test high for protein, but that it wasn't at alarming amounts. They told me that my swelling was normal (yet didn't explain why it was horrible in only one leg). They didn't do a vaginal check or anything else because I am supposed to see the doctor they told me to just go home and wait until my appointment.

I felt horrible for dragging everyone out of bed and up there just to find out that everything was "normal", but I guess it is better to be safe than sorry.

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 10:52 AM iam so glad that everything turned out good, please keep in touch and let me know when u have that baby..

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Feb. 4, 2008 at 12:01 PM

Hang in there, kiddo! That last stretch sucks, I know.  But it sounds like you've got a number of people looking out for you medically and emotionally. And, as far as the "false run" ... I made 3 with this last pregnancy  (Jan 1, Jan 15, Jan 21 - and she was finally born Jan 22, 2008 at 1:09 am! )- my body seemed to be having regular contractions, we would get to L&D and I seriously think my body realized that if it kept up we would actually have to have the baby! (can we say "choke"? HA!) No one is really angry for being "dragged to L&D" , they want to meet the baby asap, too! You are doing wonderfully, even if you don't feel that way! Good vibes coming your way! :) And, I also know all about the preeclampsia - my firstborn was 6 weeks early due to complications with toxemia (same thing, really) and you'd never know it now! You are already 27 weeks, right - there should be NO problems that the drs can't hande!  And trust yourself, too - your body was built for this, and you are going to do AWESOME!

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