OK so my little guy has been sick for a week now, he got a horrible yucky cold and hasn't been able to shake it. So on Tuesday the 29 we took him to his Doctors to find out he had yet another ear infection when they weighed him then he was #20 4oz no measurement and put him on amoxicillin. OK Great!!! Then I go to the Dr.'s (OBGYN) later that after noon ( after going to the dentist for a filling) for my annual and I tell her that I have had some cramping and bleeding which I didn't think I was supposed to have because I have an IUD. So they  send me for an internal ultrasound ....well my IUD is in the right place but there's a large Cyst on my right Ovary. Do I have pain on my right ....of course I have kidney stones on my right side and I'm a dental assistant who leans to the right. So what Is actually causing all my discomfort??? They said they wanted to keep a close eye on the cyst...that's all!!! Well anyways I had to take my Baby boy back to the Doctors today (2/1) fro his 9 mth check up and the Doctor said hes Perfect #20 14oz (50%) and 29 inches(75%) and his ear infection has cleared up real well!!! I wish I was a kid again when I didn't have to worry about all these grown up things!!!

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 6:07 PM Hey there woman! Glad to hear that the baby's doing better. I'll keep you in my prayers about the cyst sweetie.  God will take care of it all! *hugs*

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