Hello all I am the owner of the group Need 2 Vent...it has come to my

attention that some are promoting MY group as a DEBATE GROUP!!!!!

Need 2 Vent is NOT a debate group and will NOT be turned into one. Yes I

admit we do have some controversial topics that arise in the group but my

administer LyTe684 or myself can not monitor the group 24/7....when we do

find out about it..things are handled accordingly.

     This is a group for mothers to get together and support one another...a

group where we can get things off our chest so we don't have to take it out

on or children or significant others. Whoever is "promoting" my group I do

thank you for taking an interest to it but do it right. This is a VENTING

group NOT a debate group. ANYONE who joins the group and decided they

want to start crap will be DELETED and BLOCKED from the group.

     I welcome everyone into my group and we do not judge no matter what

race, religion or whatever you are. So you are more than welcome to join

my group for the right reasons not to try to start crap with my moms in the

group. Need 2 Vent? if you are a trouble maker and don't like to follow rules

 we have a group for you also...you come in at your own risk and if you

talk crap expect to get bashed for it...that group is Having a Bad Day!!!!

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 11:09 AM Boy, your bossy. LMAO!

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 11:13 AM That's the way it is.......period

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