I asked my best friends to describe me in one word for the post yesterday. My husband asked my why I was asking them. I told him about the post and he said well, if you asked me, my one word would be faith. You can call me a lot of one word things, but that was the most meaningful. I was touched. I take pride in my faith and cosider myself to be strong in faith. When he said that tho, it was like awwww, he can see that my life is ran by faith. He is a relatively new Chrisitan and still struggling with letting go some of his past belief systems. Truth be told tho~ I hope he learns a little from that. LOL Anyway~ jsut wanted to share bc that made me feel great!! Hope ya'll have  a fabulous day!!! God bless!!!

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 5:45 PM isn't that just something to tuck away and take out on a rainy day. Beautiful! What a guy and it says alot about the light you are giving in your home. Love Laura

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