This morning I'm kind of bummed.  I am missing my runs and trips to the gym.  Since having Delaney, I've really only been able to exercise once or twice a week anyway, but it makes a huge difference.  For a few weeks recently, I was able to manage twice a week, once on Wednesday and once on Friday.  The Wednesdays are still possible.  My SIL is also a SAHM who has free time on Wednesday afternoon, and I have finally started taking her up on her offers to watch Delaney while I go to the gym or go running.  And Delaney loves playing with her girls, who are 3 and 5.  The last two Wednesdays, however, I have not used the time to exercise.  Due to my poor planning earlier in the week, two Wednesdays ago I was at the grocery store while Sam was over.  I knew I would not have time to get what I needed for dinner and start on dinner, if I went to the gym, which is 30 minutes away.  This past Wednesday, I didn't even call Sam and ask her to come over.  Didn't even think of it, not sure why.  I will definitely ask her this coming week.  I have also let her know that if she needs me to watch her girls some afternoon, I would be happy to.  Part of me feels a little guilty about calling her to come over, then taking off for an hour or two.  Silly of me, because she offered many times and is happy to do it.  

As for Fridays.. my FIL, who is retired, offered to take her for a couple hours early in the afternoon.  For a few weeks, that worked out great.  I would drop her off, go to the gym, and be back in 2 to 3 hours.  Delaney was happy with her grandpa, and almost never got hungry while I was gone (so I didn't have to worry about whether or not she would take a bottle).  Then he got a couple of part-time jobs and it's bye-bye to Fridays!  Now, he'll call me if he has an opening in his schedule.  I'm so bummed.  I realize, though, that he probably had more free time than he wanted to have, and had to seek out these jobs to save his sanity.  He maybe even tried to negotiate for Fridays, but when you're looking for employment, you can't have everything just perfectly the way you want it.   That's kind of what's keeping me from getting a part-time job myself.  (But that's another matter entirely)

Delaney will not be eligible for the gym's babysitting service until she's 9 months old.  I really miss the group fitness classes there, but they only offer them in the evening, around the time I'm getting ready to put Delaney to bed, and start winding down myself.  The good news is, we are buying a treadmill next week.  Tim needs it because when he goes back to fleet he's going to be in bad shape otherwise.  Due to the length of his commute these days, and the lack of desire to GO anywhere to work out (even outside his office -- weird!!), he needs to have one in the house in order to get himself into some kind of shape.  I will definitely be taking advantage of the treadmill.  I am also researching jogging strollers.  I love running outdoors, and when spring comes, the last place I'll want to be is in the basement running to nowhere.

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