My friend sent me this website.  I'm totally a goal-oriented, list-making kind of person, so this was fun.  I made a list of 101 things that I'd like to accomplish in the next 1001 days.  I'm going to try to keep up with it on my CafeMom page, and use journal posts to let you know my status.  It wasn't as hard as I thought it'd be to come up with 101 things.  :) 

 If you want to do this with me, visit for suggestions of how to create your own list.  
I'm starting with some friends tomorrow - 2/2/08, so my finish date will be October 31, 2010 (Halloween).  HERE'S MY LIST:


101 Things in 1001 Days

  1. Study the Bible daily
  2. Memorize a new Bible Verse every month
  3. Keep a prayer journal
  4. Invite 10 people to join my Sunday School Class
  5. Serve as Presbyterian Women’s Historian for 2008 and 2009
  6. Become ordained as an elder
  7. Give 10% of our net salary to charity
  8. Participate in another Beth Moore or other women-centered Bible study group
  9. Take girls to Migrant Workers Mission
  10. Cook a meal to share with someone else at least once a month
  11. Send a thank you card to someone every week
  12. Help organize a neighborhood social event
  13. Send cards for anniversaries of deaths
  14. Go on a mission trip to another country
  15. Get church certified as a Backyard Wildlife Habitat
  16. Plan the Halloween Carnival for the church each year
  17. Donate $1 for every task not completed to charity
  18. Teach Elly to swim
  19. Memorize Lauren’s SSN
  20. Take the girls out of the house 4 out of 5 weekdays
  21. Visit John & Katie in Vancouver
  22. Do FUN things with mom, rather than just babysitting duty
  23. Take family walks
  24. Get a trampoline for the backyard
  25. Take Elly and/or Lauren to the ballet once a year
  26. Take the girls to the library once a month
  27. Arrange a reunion with Hemlinger cousins and their kids
  28. Find out when Jennifer’s and Katie’s Birthdays are – send them cards
  29. Send Rob & Dave cards on their anniversaries
  30. Visit all friends who have new babies/children that we haven’t met
  31. Remember everyone’s birthday with at least a card
  32. Take the family to Royer Lake, IN
  33. Make a memorial donation in dad’s memory each December
  34. Have a date with Will at least once a month
  35. Go swimming at least once a week whenever the pool’s open
  36. Get Lauren in a “big girl” bed
  37. Get Lauren potty-trained
  38. Teach Elly to ride a bike without training wheels
  39. Teach Whit how to ice-skate (post-pregnancy)
  40. Visit Emily in DC
  41. Take Family to outdoor concert every year
  42. Get my yard certified as a “Backyard Wildlife Habitat”
  43. Move the bluebird house until we get bluebirds in it
  44. Grow better/more tomatoes – have enough to can for the winter
  45. Make pickles every summer from homegrown cucumbers
  46. Start composting
  47. Plant daffodils in the early fall
  48. Create a zero-depth fountain in the backyard
  49. Use the rain barrel to water potted plants
  50. Pick out and plant a tree for our anniversary two years ago (oops!)
  51. Take the girls to Congaree Swamp National Park
  52. Visit 10 SC State Parks with the family
  53. Get Sailboat Fixed
  54. Go to the beach 3 times per year
  55. Visit somewhere that’s worthy of buying a shot glass to add to my collection
  56. Go camping 10 times
  57. Step foot in the Pacific ocean
  58. Go kayaking at least 6 times a year
  59. Catch up on scrapbooks
  60. Put all extra pictures (not used in scrapbooks) in albums
  61. Put Bertha’s letters in a scrapbook
  62. Learn how to use my sewing machine
  63. Sew at least 3 more dresses for each girl
  64. Learn how to make hair bows
  65. Get Lauren’s baptism picture enlarged and framed
  66. Get picture of John & Katie for hallway wall
  67. Get rid of old green recliner and loveseat
  68. Get rid of Jeep
  69. Either have a garage sale, or take all the junk in the attic to Goodwill
  70. Get rid of the couch
  71. Get new entertainment center
  72. Replace TV
  73. Have outdoor electrical outlets installed
  74. Have phone jack installed in family room/den
  75. Get whatever I need to get wireless access in the house
  76. Learn how to use chimney flue, or have fireplace doors installed
  77. Figure out SOME way to lower heating bills by ¼
  78. Replace Study/hall rugs
  79. Hang curtains in study
  80. Sort through dad’s coins – put valuable ones in safe deposit box
  81. Back-up all pictures and videos and put copies in safe deposit box
  82. Pay off family room furniture
  83. Update my will
  84. Get copies of all of our wills, POAs, and other documents in safe deposit box
  85. Take pictures of any valuable items in the house
  86. Add to each girl’s 529 account every year
  87. Invest in a CD at least once a year (or other investment)
  88. Exercise at least twice a week
  89. Drink 64 oz. of water every day
  90. Lose 10 pounds – down to 150.
  91. Give up sweets for Lent
  92. Read 20 books, including:
  93. Read “A Sand County Almanac”
  94. Read “Silent Spring”
  95. Read “The Windward Road”
  96. Quit sugary sodas for one month
  97. Buy Christmas Gifts throughout the year and RELAX during December
  98. Buy an outfit that’s nice enough to be buried in
  99. Go out with a girl friend at least every other month
  100. Get a massage at least twice a year
  101. Complete Master Naturalist Course

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