Why does my husband have to be such a slacker sometimes?  I mean, it makes my head want to explode.  I seriously cannot do EVERYTHING.  I feel like the man needs a Bill Cosby list, just to get anything done,  (walk outside, open car door, sit in car, turn car on, drive to car place, GET TIRE FIXED) aaaaahhhhhhhh!!!! Seriously give me a break!!!! What bothers me the most is, is he just a slacke?, is it that he just doesn't care? is he retarded? did he just forget?  its hard to give him a break when i feel like this constantly happens. 

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 11:10 AM

My husband would rank right up there with yours...

My husband can cook/bake, but can't manage to do up the dishes.  My husband EXPECTS my 18 year old dau. to mow the grass, take out the garbage, etc. WHILE he sits on his butt in front of the tv.  And as for car repairs...forget it...I'll take my car to the mechanic first!  Putting his own clothes away, after I have washed, dried and folded them is even TOO MUCH to ask.  Need I go on???

My thoughts are with ya on this one...

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Feb. 12, 2008 at 3:39 PM

We might as well be single  if we have to do all this stuff by ourselves at home. As soon as  mine  hits the door from work he goes and lays down and then after hes rested he'll come in the kitchen and start complaining how things aren't cleaned the way he wants them cleaned .WTF!!! Get real man. I don't go to his job and complain hes not doing his job right. Man.. Men are useless to me . If he can't help at home with the yard or the trash or anything that i need help with then he doesnt have a right to complain.

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