Trinity hasn't been feeling well. We thought it was her molar bothering her...but she hasn't eaten solid food in six days and began to refuse liquids three days ago. We force it on her as much as we can with a syringe. She spent all day yesterday screaming or sleeping. I've been trying to get through to her docs for days but was on hold for hours. So we tried statcare and there was nearly a four hour wait so we left. Last night she laid on the couch half out of it, whimpering. It was so sad. Finally around 10:30 after she vomitted again dad took her to the ER because i've been sick myself ugh. There was a two hour wait there that late at night! I don't know what the docs thought was wrong...they never told dad and well dad didn't ask since it was 1 am lol. They gave her a shot of antibiotics and said force fluids since she's almost dehydrated. She is on her way to a NEW doctor right now. We're fed up with her pediatrician's office. She still won't eat or drink this am and is just crying and crying and won't play or move around. Ugh. THEN Cait stayed at mom's last night and mom calls telling me school was cancelled due to the ice storm and informs me Cait needs to see thedoc that her throat is swelling shut. Three kids in her class missed this week due to strep:( Her doc is the same as Trin's so getting her in there won't happen so i'm taking her to statcare later and waiting the days and days til she'll be seen. So Trin and I have a stomach bug and trin may be getting strep since her throat was pretty red last night and Cait either has tonsilitis or strep since her throat is so swollen and gross and poor dad Can't work for anything because he's too busy with this mess! I'm off to bed while the baby is gone since when she's here she just wants mommy. Boy winter is great lol

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