well as you know i found out a while ago that we were expecting a boy and I just had a second ultrasound done just to confirm that we are for sure having a little prince and its so true we really are having a little boy...I cant wait...only about 14 weeks left and we will get to meet our handsome little prince....but everything is going good...i have to go get my glucose test done hopefully that comes back normal...i had my quad screen done and it was normal so thats good...i have to go to a hospital in columbus to get a level 2 ultrasound dne to check the baby's heart and spine because my husband was born with a hole in his heart and had to have surgery done to patch it and i have spina bifida which is a  hole in my spine so they just want to get a closer look and make sure neither one of these was passed onto the baby but thats all for now im going to add the ultrasound pics lemme know what you think






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