Lizzie has been sleeping so great the last few nights! Although I am sure I just jinxed it writing about it. :) James got back from his work trip last night, so he was able to take Lizzie to daycare today. It was kind of nice.

I didn't have time to write yesterday, so I didn't get to talk about how awesome it was that K-State beat KU the other night!! Our best friend who introduced James and I was a huge K-State fan. He had cancer really bad and a few years ago when K-State beat KU for the first time in a long time, he got to see the game. He died a few days later, so we were very happy he got to see that game. When ever K-State wins now I always think of Jason and how happy he is up in heaven, wearing purple too I am sure. We went to some friends house to watch the game. Lizzie got to play with the neighbors little boy who is only 3 months. He isn't really sitting up yet or playing, so she did most of the playing. It is funny that she was trying to rough house with him a little. I never thought I would have a little girl that was rough, although I should have expected it since I was the same way.

She is growing so fast. I can't believe how much she is changing every day now. It is amazing. She has become much more fun. I really want to have another one soon. I know that James wants more too, especially a boy, but I don't know if he could handle another child right now.

 Lizzie had two good days at daycare. It makes being a working mommy so much easier when you know that you baby isn't crying all day because she isn't being held. I am so excited for her to start walking and getting into everything. I know I will curse myself for saying this in a few months, but I am excited for Spring to come so we can go on walks and play in the "park" near by. I really want to get her a swing so we can swing in the backyard.

 Question of the day: How early do you let a child start using a spoon to "feed" themselves? We haven't even tried this yet. I am just starting her on finger foods. I read that it is okay for finger foods once they can crawl on all fours.

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Feb. 5, 2008 at 10:26 PM Ember is now just using the spoon on her own and she is 15 months. Oh and it's quite messy and she needs a little bit of help.

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