So much has happen and I'm just so exhausted. Went into the hospital and had to get a complete work over because I wasn't able to walk even a few steps without feeling like my chest was going to explode and I couldn't breath. It felt like someone was sitting on my chest. The doctor gave me a ton of medicine along with morphine. Hope I spelled that correctly. I'm just so out there and can't seem to get myself on track.


Since my son James' been home things are going alright. The medication for his ADHD seems to be working but I can still see things that he needs to work on. He tried to con me into letting him stay home today but I honestly think that was because he's worried about me and he's afraid I won't be okay. In the process of his worries he doesn't know how to express how much he's worried about me; therefore, he gets frustrated. I have noticed a big change in him but he does have a long ways to go. Right now he's only doing 3 classes at Taft High because we want to make sure he's going to continue to do good before we let him tackle a full day.


 We are going to get Matt's children today and I'm not looking forward to the drive. Oh well this to shall pass as well I suppose.

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