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On a church sign proclaiming "April 1, Happy Atheists Day!  The fool says in his heart 'there is no God'. Psalm 14:1"
I live in the South.  I see this type of marquee every where (implying that other's denominations/religions/beliefs. etc are wrong/backward).  I sadly shake my head, and think, "Wow.  More exclusionary and prejudicial practices and philosophy from yet another Christian denomination."  Then I get really angry that such exclusionary practices do appeal to people and such people create negativity and anxiety around all religions, spiritual communities, spirituality, and the language of reverence.   Then I lapse into despair that we as human beings will never get over ourselves and realize that we are part of the interdependent web of life. 

On Gay Marriage

I want to know in what way two adults in a loving and responsible relationship is a threat to marriage as defined by the narrow constricts of fundamentalist religion.  It defies logic. 

On Teaching Creationism and Evolution in Schools

In my opinion, if schools are going to teach creationism, then they need to teach ALL of the creation stories, not just the Christian creation story, and if they are going to teach creation stories, then those stories should be taught in context of Comparative Religion.

The scientific theory of Evolution, upheld through empirical evidence, is and should be taught in science class.  I will not send my child to ANY school that does not teach the Theory of Evolution. 

Why is it so very hard for a certain segment of the population to hold both?  It seems a Christian-driven culture clash.  For an interesting perspective on religion and science check out this interview with V. V. Raman, a Hindu and a physicist.

On the Freakonomics Chapter on Names and Success

I have not read Freakonomics yet, but apparently this brings up many, many tangential issues (affirmative action, racism, classism, sexism, and so on).  Does bias based on names exist?  Can you tell some one's nationality/race/gender based on a name?  Often, yes.  Is this, in and of it self, bad?  No. Should it impact job offers, school entrance, access to services?  No, but it often does.  I know it's controversial, but I believe when it comes to reviewing applications (credit, school, jobs) or resumes ANY reference to name, race, gender, nationality should be expurgated until the moment the applicant needs to be contacted.  So, yes I am saying that on those college applications, none of that should be visible until after the application has been evaluated for GPA, test scores, recommendations, achievements, and so forth.

On a Woman's Right to Choose and Human Reproduction Education

The argument that those seeking abortion  are not given enough information about the emotional/psychological impacts of abortion is not a very strong argument.  Most of those seeking abortion don't even know how or why they got pregnant. So, in reality, they aren't given enough information about human reproduction (I'm sorry, but having a bunch of seventh graders dissect frogs and worms doesn't come anywhere close to educating young people about human reproduction) and the emotional, psychological, social, and economic impacts of raising children regardless the age of the mother. 

Finally,  taking the logical argument of every time a woman ovulates and the egg is not fertilized, we, as a society have missed out on another potential leader, one step further (and, yes, I'm borrowing from "Legally Blonde" here) let's also say  that every time a boy/man ejaculates (even nocturnal ejaculations), then those sperm represent thousands of potential leaders.   Not a very valid reason to revoke Roe v. Wade.  We'll have to mandate that every female of reproductive age have her unused eggs harvested every month and that every time a boy or man wishes to ejaculate, that he do so into a jar and hot-step it over to a fertility clinic to have all those little potential leaders frozen for future potential use.  Oh, hey,  if we get a large enough stock-pile, we won't even need actual intercourse to reproduce!

I think we can all say that the best way to end abortion is through better prevention and prevention means real human reproduction education, not some admonition of "don't have sex." 

On the Apollo 11 Moon Landing Conspiracy Theory

Let's remember that there were three men aboard Apollo 11; Neil Armstrong (who, by the way, was the first man to walk on the moon), Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins.  Before Neil Armstrong stepped out of the capsule, he released a MESA (Modularized Equipment Stowage Assembly) onto the moon surface, which transmitted the first pictures of the first footsteps.  Aldrin was the second man to set foot on the moon.   Let's also remember the landing in the Pacific Ocean and the footage of that.

The entire mission was far too expensive and elaborate to fake.  Too much money and too many people were involved -- not just the astronauts, but the Mission Control engineers and other employees of NASA, the families of all those people, and the entire nation. 


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Feb. 1, 2008 at 11:33 AM

Have I ever told you how much I love you???  What an incredible oversight on my part.  (Next time I see you, I will be certain to remedy that.) 

Fantastic post, J-M.  Simply magnificent. 

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 1:05 PM Well said, J-M.  I don't agree with you on every subject, but you do present very logical arguments.

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Feb. 2, 2008 at 1:25 PM

i'm not sure as to why your evolution commentary hits me right in the ...oh i don't know where...perhaps the liver? ;) i couldn't fathom my child attending school and not being taught about the almighty Darwin and theory of evo. *shudders* crikey that just gives me the willies....i'm not anti-religion by ANY means but how on earth people can dismiss such sheer poetry is beyond me.

and like ohmigod imma like soo happy to see the value of this post as 'pozed to writins 'bout like makeup and my baby daddys' mamas' papa's bein' like sooooo...ohmigod.

yeah, it's so very nice to read a worthwhile post every now and again with some heart:)

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Feb. 5, 2008 at 9:57 AM

We must've been separated at birth.  :-)

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