At the moment I'm currently in my basement with my 15 month old son, Ezra.  It isn't a very baby-proofed room so trying to get anything done is almost impossible.    Yet it is a change of pace from the upstairs living-room where we spend most of our time.  I have no car and the weather hasn't been so good lately so we both have a bit of cabin fever. Yesterday was a good change of pace.  It was nice out and we all went outside (we including myself, Ezra, my boyfriend Ryan, and my friends toddler Raleigh who I watch).  Now it is raining so here we sit as my son chews on the computer desk.  (he's mad because he can't chew on a nail file).  I think the most fun he has had is playing with Mommy's tampons while mommy sat on the potty.  Well apparently Ezra is famished so I must head back upstairs for lunch. 

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