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I'm about to go cut the ends of off the girls' binkies.  I'm scared.  It's going to be hell when they get home.

If anyone had ever told me my 3 year old would still be using her binky I would have laughed.  Not me.  I hate that.  I didn't want binkies AT ALL (I did not introduce them, grandma did, but we won't get into that sore subject), let alone 3 years into it.  And she's bad... she would have it in her mouth all day if I let her.  But it's bucking her front teeth out so we have to do this.

I'll be a big enough person to admit that we're the biggest reason they still have them.  It's easier to just give it to them.  But it's way past time.  They're both too old and it's become such a big problem.  We constantly have to make them take the binkies out of their mouths to talk to us.  We are always searching for a lost one.  And it is just plain embarassing.  I was one of those people who saw big kids with pacifiers and thought "how ridiculous... take that thing and throw it away."  That's some karma kicking me in the ass for you.

So I've gathered the ones I could find and I hope they don't have any stashed, but I'm sure one or two will appear.  They'll magically break too.  I need to hide the baby's binkies, but she rarely will take them.  They say they help prevent SIDS if you give it to them while they sleep, but she won't take it unless she's hungry and then it just ticks her off.  Eventually I'm sure they'll find their way into the trash.

I'm wondering if I should get them some "prizes" to kind of reward them for giving up the binky.  Can't hurt, might not help, but can't hurt...

So think of me later... I'll be growing some new gray hairs I'm sure.

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 11:42 AM My friend had to cut the tip off of her son's binky to make him stop sucking it.  It worked great!!!  He could not get the suction and he didn't want it anymore.  Good luck!!

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 11:51 AM Everytime I think I've found Tucks whole stash another one appears.  We are trying to break them for the whole speech delay problem.  Yeah he's about to turn 3 too.  Believe me; you're my hero for going for it.  I still have th ewhole bedtime fight on my hands.  Maybe we should do this together for moral support?

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 12:06 PM Good luck with this! I took Devyns binky away at 8 months.. the baby doesnt have it  anymore.. but i know plenty of people who s kids still have it.. at age 5.. 3 isnt sooo bad. some people only let their kids have them at bedtime.. cut the top off of one. i heard that works.. good luck!

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