I have four kids, and while the two older ones seem to be doing okay for themselves, the two younger ones seem to need to grow up yet.  The youngest is living in a hotel because the "man" she chose as a boyfriend does not have a job, and keeps taking the money she earns--have no idea what he does with it.  I can guess, but hate to think about it.  She does not want to admit what kind of man he is, and refuses to kick him out.  They are so far in debt, and her father (who lives in Taiwan) and I keep trying to help her out.  I have my name on her car note, and last month, I almost lost all my savings because it took her so long to send out three payments.  I'm trying to get her to take my name off it, but unless her boyfriend gets a job, and they combine their income, the financer won't let me take it off.  What in the world do I do?  My credit already sucks.  I feel like my blood pressure is sky-rocketing, and I've been having pains in my chest.  I know its stress, but that's not good either. 



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