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     Visit  to explore the world of Brian Andreas & his stories & his art.

Brian Andreas is an artist (a fiber artist) and storyteller who built the StoryPeople company on the success of his brightly painted barnwood sculptures. The Stories (as Brian and his crew call them), which are found on his prints and sculptures and in his books, are short bursts of poetry, truisms that touch the heart and sooth the soul.

Brian Andreas is an artist, sculptor & storyteller who works with new forms of art & community using both electronic & traditional techniques of fine art & theater. His work is shown & collected internationally.

Personally, I love the colors & textures,the almost secret faces on the art (called "spirit faces"),  the stories & the feelings they evoke. I stumbled across Brian Andreas while vacationing in California about 10 years ago. Frank & I were browsing a local gallery & there were these AMAZING wood sculptures. The colors, the textures, the shapes... they were just so wonderful.

The "art" spoke to me & when I read the stories, I found that they spoke to me too.  Especially "Illusion of Control" - That was my first "art" purchase ever. The sculpture hangs in our house today & I love it.  So started my love affair with Brian Andreas.

"StoryPeople" are wood sculptures, three to four feet tall, in a roughly human form.  They can be as varied as a simple cutout figure, or an assemblage of found and scrap wood, or an intricate, roughly made treasure box. Each piece uses only recycled barn and fence wood.  Adding to their individual quirkiness are scraps of old barn tin & twists of wire. They are painted with bright colors and hand-stamped, a letter at a time, with original stories,. The most striking aspect of StoryPeople are the shaded spirit faces. These faces are softly blended into the wood surface, and make each StoryPerson come alive. (taken from the About the Author section of "Strange Dreams" by Brian Andreas)

I drool over the furniture pieces & mirrors on his website... oh I dream of owning one ore more of those pieces!  I have given his prints as wedding gifts & birthday presents. I also decorate my home with them. His books are wonderful - collections of his stories - and they sit on the shelf in our family room.  They are available in black & white or in color, but for some reason, the black & white books really appealed to me.

You can find a story for almost any occassion in life. Any feeling you may have felt at any given monent. You will be surprised how many stories he has written that you will read & feel an emotion connecting you to that story & a time in your life.

I subscribe to his Story of the Day because I enjoy starting my day off with these email missives. The bright colors of his art in prints and the amazing stories they tell.  Really the are almost life lessons, each one of them.

     Visit  to explore the world of Brian Andreas & his stories & his art.

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 11:53 AM THANKS. Ki loves Storytelling. If he lived back in the day he'd grow up to become one of those wandering storytellers that  go from village to village telling stories  and live off the generosity of others..LOL

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 9:52 PM Oooh, very cool! I had never heard about him.

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