I am rallying all moms here to pray for my sister-in-law Mary Beth aka Mabe, in Kenya.

She is one of the many deaf volunteers that are working for the Peace Corp to help educated deaf children and teachers in that region. However, the situation has now become very dangerous. Please pray for her and her fellow volunteers that they will be kept safely!


Now on to Luke in Iraq.

The Baierl Grape-Vine has informed us via Kiki that, Luke (Matt's brother) who is serving our country in Iraq, is in danger too.  Not just because of the war but because they found IED's on his base.  IED's are basically bombs disguised as well anything.  It could be a cell phone or even a dead camel.  So we are adding him to our prayers too.  My stomach is in a knot because of these two.  I just want them to come home, but I know they are serving a higher purpose and are sacrificing more than I will ever know.  I am swelling with pride for the both of them.

 Many thanks and God Bless!


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Feb. 2, 2008 at 9:00 AM

I will  lift her up when I pray.  Together we can put 10,000 to flight - I will tell my sisters

prayer 7 ladies to pray also.  She is so brave and courageous. 

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