Just in times for Valentines Day!

 I'm holding a Catalog Party during the Super Bowl.  A way for us girls to have FUN! If you interested just do the following.  Your purchases are guarnteed to make it to you by Valentines Day so you and your Valentine can have a great day,  unless you are told other wise upon your purchase.  Just do the following:


1. Go to www.slumberparties.com

2. Click on Shop Online

3. Make your selection everything is private  I promise!!!!

4. Email your selections to Ms. Angie Roote  at angie.roote@comcast.net.  Let her know that your making your purchase for Wendy D's Catalog Party, give her your payment information and she takes care of the rest!  All pucharse have to be made by FEBRUARY 08, 2008!!!!!!

5. If you do make a purchase, just shoot me an e-mail saying that you helped me out!  My goal is $500.00. 


Enjoy you day and I hope all can help me out!

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