So, my little boy is sitting up by himself.  He's almost 18 lbs, and 28 inches long!  But he is sitting up.  He will eventually lean to the side then get frustrated.  Just all of a sudden he's sitting and playing by himself.  I bought him some of those sweet potato puffs, and he loves them.  He threw a fit when I put the jug away!  So I let him play with it.  He drinks from a cup, which he has done since he was like 1 1/2 months old.  But now, he doesn't spill a drop.  My friend ashley had some Baby Mum Mum rice puff cakes(kinda like biter biscuits but more like a cracker) and I handed one to Liam, ate it all(2 in a pack).  He even picked up the pieces that fell and put those in his mouth.  When they were gone, he threw a fit.  I'm thinking about hiring my mom to be my baby feeder.  Liam will only finish his whole container of food with grandma.  Not dad or mom!  But when he is with grandma, he will eat anything and everything she offers him!  It's nuts.  The dr. said he has teeth coming, a few, but not immedietly, but soon.  So, okay.  Apparently he's been working on them but they are slow.  He is so ticklish(like his mommy).  He likes to be hung upside down and tickled.  A few nights ago, we were at my moms and I was holding him and talking across the room(not looking at Liam) and he decided to be hung upside down and flung himself backwards off the side of the chair.  I was of course holding onto his feet and nothing happened but him going upside down.  But Daddy was the one talking to me and had just taken a bite of his cheeseburger and almost choked(he thouhgt Liam had gone all the way to the floor)!  All is well.  He slept just fine in his bed last night(in our room).  But he was up every hour.  so come 4 this morning, I just pulled him into bed with me and let him eat while I slept.  I was so tired.  I am still tired.  Coffe hasn't kicked in... i'm an addict.  grandpa likes to play with liam's hair after a bath.  I havn't seen what all he does, but apparently liam loves it.   I guess that's all I want to say.  He's just so big!

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