My husband and I had Teacher/Parent conferences with my oldest preschool teacher. We decided to hold him back a year because he isnt ready for kindergarten yet. He is still having trouble recognizing his name, ABC's and 123's. I really dont want to force him when I know he isnt ready. So we are going to enroll him in a Pre-K class next year.

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 12:38 PM

My son Chase's birthday was three weeks after the kindergarten cut-off so he had to stay in Pre-k an extra year and you know what? It was the best thing for him. He went to kindergarten  fully grasping his ABC's, 123's, writing his name, colors, shapes, everything.  The extra year prep was great! They really push kids in school now and by the end of Kindergarten the kids in his class were reading full length Dr. Suess books and doing simple addition! I was worried about him being older than the other kids by almost a year in some cases but it's not an issue,  I think it was more my issue than his. Plus Chase is on the small size for his age so the age difference isn't noticeable, he's still one of the shortest kids in his class.

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