Ok ladies, is it irrational for me to be a little worried about going back to work tomorrow after Monday's events?  I am so afraid that the contractions are going to start back up.  I definatly don't want this baby coming early, but yet I can't really go on leave right now unless it is per Dr's orders.  I go back to see my Dr on Tuesday and I wil have worked 3 days in a row by then (if all goes well). 

I guess I am kinda worried for the sake of me and baby and just needed toe vent/voice my concerns somewhere and I knew you ladies would understand!

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 12:30 PM

I understand what you are going through.. With Kaiden I was bleeding for no apparent reason and the dr.s didn't even understand. But, I went back to work b/c they couldn't find a reason and it just kept getting worse so finally they put me on bed rest but it was hard to not worry while I was at work.. Don't worry mama if things get worse at work call the dr. right away and explain that it's too much and ask if he could put you on bed-rest. better than be safe than sorry

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