Grace and Peace children of God. I pray this bulletin finds you resting in the presence of Our Father, Our Lord & Saviour, The King Of Kings and the Lord of Lords.

I must share with you the wonderful experience that I had this weekend with Apostle G Marie Carroll, powerful woman of God, The Mother Apostle of Nations.

Apostle G Marie Carroll let me say, that I love you so very much. I am so very thankful that God chose you to be my Spiritual Mother, what a blessing you are to me, to my family, to all that have the wonderful opportunity to enteract with you, you are a true woman of God, its as if we have known each other all of our lives. I thank you for your obedience and love for Our Father. It is because of this obedience that you travelled thousands of miles away from home, to an unknown land. Giving so much of yourself for me and others that God strategically placed in your path.

This weekend, I had my impartation along with those there they were also intended to recieve their impartation and activiation, this including a dear friend, my mother and my sister.

What a sweet move of God that rested upon us as we gave our all to Him. It was so incredibly wonderful. He revealed Himself in so many ways, bringing confirmation to all of us for unanswered questions that had been lingering.

Children of God, now is not the time to be playing church. Now is the time to be seeking His face. Worshipping Him in Spirit and in Truth. He is not playing and is ready to pass judgement on many. He has warned us time and time again and that warning has gone unnoticed.

Whatever you are doing in your church, if you are not feeling Him, if He is not coming into your services and taking over, there is something terribly wrong. If you aren't giving the people the proper tools to worship Him and Praise Him in Spirit and in Truth there is something wrong.

It's not enough to come into the building and sing and preach and leave. The people have to be filled. He wants to meet you in the sanctuary, the question is do you want to meet Him? Are you ready to give your all and all to Him?

He's not showing up in the services today because we are out of order. We have too much going on. The pulpit is full of offences that are now dwindling down into the congregation. Get yourselves in order. Now. Get yourselves in order.

There are many spirits that are residing in the churches today. Unclean spirits are everywhere. As children of the Most High King, how do you not see them? How is it that we sit and don't recognize that which is unclean?

Comprising is not to be tolerated. Our God is not a God a compromise. What are you teaching my children? Do you not know who they are? My Body is full of Apostles and Prophets and Evangelist. They sit in these buildings and they are stuck, not knowing who they are in Me. I have positioned you to bring them further into the kingdom and you are sitting back and watching the demise of My children. This is not what I have planned for them.

Get them out of those seats and let them know who they are in My body. I have yet to judge the state of California. It is coming My children. Wake up from your sleep. Wake up from not hearing me clearly. Wake up my children. Wake up.

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