Well, I have a bit of good news! Two days ago my b/f surprised me when he came home from work with an engagement ring!! So sometime within the next few months my last name will be changing! The ring is beautiful!!! Of course I told my family but if you would know my Dad he's a bit of a smartass... When I told him that we were gonna get married he asked me where to send the sympathy card! LOL.. We aren't sure yet if we are going to have a regular wedding or if we are just going to go to the courthouse and get married, then have a big reception afterward... In a way I kind of want a wedding but in a way I don't.. I'm not one to get all dressed up and do the fancy thing! I would rather keep it simple that way I feel more comfortable! Anyway, I just though I'd share the good news with everyone and I'll keep you all posted on what all the plans are!!

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