Sometimes I just hate it.  I hate being out of money all the time.  I hate relying on my mom for bills.  I hate that we have to count out change to eat out (which now only consists of a burger once every two weeks). 

I have an gyn appointment today (my first since Eli was born-six months ago) and I started my period.  I called to reschedule and they wouldn't let me.  They now can do the pap smear and everything while I'm on my period.  How wonderful...  I hate going there anyway and now I'm bleeding on top of it.  

 Tony was up for a promotion at work.  He's working with a temp agency at this company and they company made a position for him so he could work for them and not as a contract worker through the temp service.  They made the position, posted it, interviewed him for it and then, get this, hired someone else.  They just dangled this job like a carrot in front of him, saying it was for him and then hired another guy.  That's bullshit.  This job would have almost doubled our income and allow me some money to start a studio so we could have even more income.  We're just stuck.  Tony's boss told him he was more than welcome to stay on at the compay as a contract worker for as long as he stayed motivated which leads me to believe that Tony did something to mess this up.  He's really cocky and thinks he's worth more than a guy right out of college is worth (in the workforce).  I think he asked for too much money.  I think he asked for what a mid level position should get paid, not an entry level position.  He comes off as though he thinks he's better than everyone which can be really off putting.  I just hope that that was not the reason for him not getting the job.  Each time something like this happens, he gets a worse attitude.  One would think it would knock him down a notch but he gets worse.

But now our insurance is messed up and I can't take Eli to his doctor's appointment and I am so upset.  The girl at the insurance company couldn't tell me why Eli and Tony don't have insurance but I still do and no one is of any help.  Thank goodness the school district has free wellbaby checkups on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  I'm just going to take Eli there untill we get things straightened out.  I can't believe anyone would drop a baby's insurance...  People are heartless...

Sorry for the rant.  I bawled this morning when I found out about the job.  I was feeding Eli when Tony texted me and Eli got really quiet and very serious about eating.  No smiles, no playing around.  I hated to have him see me like that.  He knew something was wrong and that's not cool for a 6 month old.

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 12:35 PM

Honey, you're in the same boat with MILLIONS of other Americans! This is a bad economy, no matter what those lying, cheatin, politicians say! My husband is in flooring and construction in Missouri is almost at a stand still!  Everyone is laid off and the newspaper barely has a half a page of jobs in it.

Your hubby may have to lower his pay expectations jsut to start. Get in the door!  Thanks to the swarm of low price labor from that little country below us our wages have dropped and we are incompetition with illegals who will work for $5 an hour because in Mexico they make $5 a DAY. FACT!

I used to cook industrially ten years ago and made $10 an hour, now kitchens start someone with 3 years experience at $7 an hour.  Well, I won't do it for that, it is hard heavy work.  So I keep looking...

Don't let them bullshit you that this illegal immigration isn't a problem.  If they let the 20,000,000 illegals get amnsty now it will push our welfare program from $600 BILLION a year to $3 TRILLION! 

Guess who is paying for that, you and me!

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 4:27 PM

Oh, I'm so sorry things are bumming right now for you. I truly think you've got some talent though with your business... so keep at it, things will get better down the line! My nephew-in-law ended up having a similar situation like Tony. He interviewed with the same company that my DH works for. My DH found out about the interview and put in a good word for him. He ended up being called in for a second interview and was hired on the spot. They sent a bunch of forms to his house to get him started by the end of the week. He was so excited, as was my niece. At the time they were living with my brother and ex-SIL so things were really tight for them. When the paperwork arrived he could hardly contain himself with excitement, but after he opened up the envelope (which was delivered by a special delivery service) his mouth just about dropped. Here they had sent the wrong paperwork to him. They had sent him someone else's paperwork, background check (the guy was a ex-con with a major record) and social security information. I guess their last names were the only thing similar. My nephew-in-law contacted the woman that hired him and she basically told him off. She felt that he was a terrible interview (she had originally hired him on the spot at his second interview) and she told him that she couldn't understand him during the interview, so how could she possibly understand him over a radio for the job! I felt so bad for my nephew-in-law... but he choose not to fight it. My DH was ready to bring this to the corporate office and find out why it happened, but my nephew-in-law decided he didn't want to work for a company that treated people like this. Which is pretty much where my DH is as well. My nephew-in-law ended up getting a promotion at his current job and is now able to drive instead of just being a ride-along. It's still not a lot of money, but they are getting by for now.

Hang in there! I hate being a grown-up too, but we've all got to endure the bad times to get to the good times every now and then.

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