10 things about me huh? Well I am a weird one!

1) I have hyperhydrosis so to regulate my temperature, I normally wear 1 sock.  2 on I'm too dry & none on I sweat like a pig.

2) I have to fix my hair everyday-curling that is & I can't stand it down, so I always fix it.  Even on sudays or if I'm in my sweats it must be fixed.

3) I like weird food combos..some I haven't eaten in a while.  for example, mashed potatos dipped in A1 sauce.  I don't always do that, but it's good.  mustard on potato chips... stuff like that

4) I've had 5 vehicles in 9 years.  No I didn't damage them, I just used to like to go car shopping & I didn't like it when I went over 30K miles

5) I'm a very organized person & I like to plan things... ooh just so interesting huh.  Can you tell I can't think of anymore?

6) I get frustrated very easily, I can go from being happy one minute to p*ssed off the next

7) I used to be obsessed with matchbox 20/Rob Thomas in HS.  I LOVED them

8) I worked as a freak on a haunted train for halloween once. They put me in ugly clothes & put makeup on my face & I had to walk on the train & scare people.  I wouldn't work in the house-freaked me out

9) I hate driving-well other drivers.  I'm not the #1 driver on the road, but I at least follow the rules!

10) It takes me a LONG time to fall asleep at night.  Like over an hour.  And if there's something on my mind or that I have to say to somone or need to do I am a complete basket case & can't stop thinking about it until it's done. 


Now it's your turn.  Tag your friends & list 10 things about you

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