...finishing up reading this great piece of American literature by Margaret Mitchell. First I came upon this book  being 16 years old. Of course in Russian translation. I swallowed the entire book in a few days (considering myself being a full-time student with a whole load of after-school curriculum - this was pretty fast: I've been reading it while eating, waiting for the bus, walking, taking a bath est.). Great story.

Since that was during the time when my "Englis-as-second language "career was in it's starting stage, of course I immediately wanted to read "Gone.."in its original version But even if I managed to get the the book back then - I would not understand much of it.

Well, the time had come!  I was reading "Gone" and I could not believe myself witnessing the perfect example of what they call "creative translation". "Gone with the Wind" in Russian version is more of a life story of Scarlett O'Hara. I was surprisingly glad to learn by reading the original version that this book is far more sophisticated then just a life story of a individual affected by a great historical even. I actually learned a lot about American society  of 19th century of both: South and North, and got a view of featured evens from both sides. This is something that was concealed in Russian translation. This book became a real eye-opener on the events of the Civil Was and the affect it put on people of both fighting sides.

 I just wish I'd possessed enough knowledge and  talent to translate "Gone" as close to the original as I was able to see by reading it.









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