We are sitting here at Super 8, trying to decide if we are staying her one more night, or checking out in hopes that I-80 will reopen.  It did open for about 2 hours around 6pm last night, but not being from this area, we didn't want to go through the mountains or over the continental divide in the dark.  Besides, it is about 4 hours from here to Evanston, so 2 hours is not long enough to make that trip.  We would have been caught in yet another closure.  Hubby is scouting out the info by going to the local gas station to see if there is word as to when it will be opening up.  I am ready to get to Evanston now.  I do not want to wait.

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 8:57 PM Hello. geeeeee it seems the lord is showing u patience also. Just be safe and i will be praying for u .keep in touch blessings and love

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