okay what a dick he is always giving me a guilt trip.... about how i wont bring our daughter up north to see him.... just to let you know i dont have a car and or money at the momment.... and he has money and 3 cars including mine.... so anyways he called lastnight and was trashed so i said i see where your priorities are and it sure has nothing to do with your daughter... he went off on me.... how it was my fault he was drinking and that i wont let him see his daughter and that i am a bitch.... anyways again i told him i would let him see her but iam not bringing her up there.... again he told me how i was selfcentered and that all i cared about was my self and that i was not thinking about our daughter...etc..... who was the one drunk who can come down here anytime they want to see her but chooses not to... what ever he is a dumb ass and makes me so mad..... i wish that he would just stay out of my life..... and hers she doesnt need to have a dad like that at all

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