Ironically, this became really important after last night! 

Today, Feb 1st is "Go Red for Women".  So all of you women wear red to promote women's heart health.  We all do so much for our families, sometimes we forget about ourselves and our health.

Macy's, a proud national sponsor of Go Red For Women, will help us celebrate our Fifth Anniversary, with a special February 1st, National Wear Red Day promotion. On this day a savings pass will be offered to customers wearing the signature heart-health color - RED.

You can even shop at

 Cool Heart 

I posted this last night and had to repost this again.  My mom went into the hospital.  She had a slight stroke.  Turns out she had an irregular heartbeat, but like most women, including myself, they have others to take care of and don't take care of ourselves.  Even in the hospital she is telling me to pay the mortgage.  lol

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