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Ok, so im on the downstairs computer... Sophia is sleeping (for the moment). Well im on cash lagoon & noticed i have no referrals... ANYone that does these kind of site PLEASE sign up under my referral code

It IS a legit site. On that one you get paid the same day if you choose to. Im not able to work as most of y'all know so this is my only source of income. Cash Crate for some reason is acting up & there are a few minor things i need to get from the store & trying to make my $20 pay out. When you refer people you get like 10% or 20% of what they earn so i could really use the additional help. So anyone thats interested sign up please!! & yes it is FREE to sign up, all you do is sign up for junk & get paid for it. So thanks to anyone that can do that.

For the other news Sophia is doing well. She does have some of that sleepy gunk stuff that's been going around her left eye & i continuously have to wipe it. Poor thing. In a little while she's going to get another little wipe down. She had a thing for spitting or drooling parts of her milk out. lol. Also, had my first experience of her pooping while i was in the middle of changing her diaper. Yup, so much for her being done. Gross but when you look back its kinda funny. lol. But anyways im gonna try to get more things filled out so i can hopefully get that $20 pay out today for when we go out again. Its too cold to go anywhere right now & take her out (other than she's just a week old & can't go out as it is!). But yea, after the weather warms up or she makes 2 weeks (whichever happens first) got a few things to get. Actually if i can some how miraculously manage to get up to $40 or $60 from offers im gonna go buy some pants that fit so im not always wearing pj's! lol. Unless i hopefully fit back in my regular clothes real soon cuz i was 90 lbs pre pregnancy, 119 full term pregnant, & i just weighed myself yesterday & i'm down to 100 lbs. Just got that lil pregnancy pooch left! So we'll see. But anyways yea i better go fill some of these out before she wakes up. I didn't get much sleep last night so yea between this, Sophia & in between naps... days don't seem to last long enough! But thanks again ladies for all your support!!

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 3:09 PM I would but i cant. Not with what im working with. Any way. If you know she is pooping or pooped wait a bit they never finish when you think they do haha. Mines still that way! He's got aim. Gosh he is walking to. Scarry. As for you needing things do you want dipers? I have a ton of dipers i cant use!! Ill send them i just need to know! Well, get some rest girly you dont need to be on the computer!

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