My husband just informed me this morning that he's too good to live in a trailor!! He told me he knows that ppl he don't care much for lives in them and he's not gonna have his family living in one!! I seen in payneway a nice 4 bedroom trialor for rent. Out in the country like i like. and he said NO!!! Let me tell you,this from the guy who says walmart is his favorite store in the world!! How you gonna love walmart but think your too good to live in a trailor?! Don't get me wrong. we never fight. (wouldn't do him any good anyway LOL). He's usually not like this. I think he gets it from my brother. He can be a lil stuck up sometimes. What am I gonna do with chris though?!

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Feb. 21, 2008 at 10:13 PM let him find a place for your family to live in and if you don't like it then tell him, give him a piece of his own medicine, but it takes two to decide on were to live not just the man of course they think they know it all let me tell ya something I think half of the time I know more on things like this then my husband lol anyway look around  together and find something you both like it's easier that way. good luck

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Feb. 22, 2008 at 3:08 PM we will....i think he just likes to give me a hard time lol! his dad and him don't get along too much and his dad lived in a trailor for a while. i guess he don't wanna do like his dad...i dunno

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