Positive thinking= positive change!
 Everything that happens is a result of your thinking
Are you focused and positive?Are you a believer?
Whether  you are trying to start  a business,  start a team or increase your sales, DO NOT FOCUS ON WHAT YOU DON"T HAVE!!! Do not say "My sales arent high enough", "I cant get team member" " I don't know if this will work"  or anything like that!!!!
Whether you are trying to become healthier, change your career, or have enough money to live the life you dream of, you have the power to make the change. 
Take the time to sit down, close your eyes and envision HOW you want your life. See yourself as a leader or with alot of money or in that house of your dreams. Feel the gratefullness and fulfillment!
Remember, persisitant thoughts become realities! Have an attitude of gratitude!  Persistant positivity!! Never failing belief!  Do not wish, Do not Hope....   BELIEVE!!!   
Take the time to read uplifting self help books by Wayne Dyer, Jack Canfield, Shatki Gawain and more.  Take some time to really grow as a person. Never doubt that you will be successful
and if that doubt does seep in, ...recognize it   -release it-  refocus!!
If you have not yet watched the movie "THE SECRET", I can't urge you enough to do so!  It is changing my life, and so many people I know have benefitted from the wisdom it teaches, the positivity it enforces and the theory that thoughts are more powerful than you'd believe.
Ok, so now, make this the year to G R O W...as a person, as a business owner , as a ever-changing soul who is making her dreams reality!!
You have that power
 Come read my inspirations page  on my site too

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Jun. 11, 2008 at 12:49 AM

I am 200% in agreement with what you are saying here. It's just amazing how thought works. I have seen/heard numerous testimonies to the power of thought and had enough experiences of my own to not doubt it. Not only in the financial and life world but in physical health and helping others as well.

I'm not looking to start a business but I just had to put this here...you are right on track...best of luck to you in your business endeavors and in your whole life. :)


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