For those fans who are not a member on this is whats posted on her official site about the Secret of Giving.


First, let me explain why I started this challenge. Reba has always gone that EXTRA mile to entertain her fans, by sharing her family, music, and acting talent. In addition, she is a wonderful role model for both old and new fans. Some fans would say she is "our safe place". Recently on CMT "Crossroads", Reba said,"Watch what you say and do cause little eyes are watching you." That comment made me think about my own two young children. My children love Reba as much as I do, and at their age it is easier to get them to understand giving to a charity  if the project has a face they know. What better face than "REBA"!
So I have created a challenge for all of  her fans to make a donation, no matter how large or small  to Reba Ranch House in Denison, TX.
  Reba fans it's time for us to go beyond buying her music, movies and go that extra mile for her. By being apart of this challenge, we can  show Reba how much we care on a more personal note. 
Alot of her fans don't have the means to do these big charity auctions to get meet and greets, win a signed cd etc. Some of us may never get the chance to meet her, but love her. This is a way for fans to speak out on a smaller scale. 
We can also sponsor a room at the house which means at some point we could have a plaque hanging on the wall in the living room from the Secret of Giving from your fans.
No good deed goes un-noticed whether it's from the good Lord above or just the satisfaction of helping people in need. Everyone knows Reba and all that she does for others. By being a part of this challenge, it shows Reba we care and support a charity which she started.  It is a rewarding challenge all the way around  because Reba will know it comes from her fans. So come on all you REBA FANS out there, join this challenge and show Reba how much she truly means to us.
Please feel free to contact me for any further questions. 

Fans please remember  to put on the envelope C/O Secret of Giving From Your Fans.

So let's do it for Reba!

You can  read more about the Secret of Giving  at:  
Please help us spread the word .

There is no deadline for my challenge (Secret of Giving) Reba and the Ranch House will always need our support. All forms of support are greatly appreciated.
Update:  We have raised a total of $865.00 so far. This is GREAT ! Way to go Reba fans let's keep it up.

SOG video at

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Thanks for your post!  We appreciate your support.  The address is:

Reba's Ranch House Endowment 
305 West Woodard 
Suite 220
Denison, TX 75020


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