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1. I bite my nails when I get nervous. This is why i have none. lol!

2.I'm very whiny this pregnancy..because I can be! lol. I think its because I'm having a girl.

3.I love Three Days Grace and Martina McBride! Weird eh? lol. (And hanson)

4. I'm terrified for 2012 to come!!!

5.I'm very very very paranoid!! And I am always worried about something.

6.I'm anti-social. I'd rather be by myself than with a big group of people. It drives me nuts!!

7.I love to sing and everyone thinks I should try out for AI! But i never would.

8.I do the "what if" thing a lot!

9.I still cant believe my son is gonna be 5 on March 12th!! Then I'm due March 28th with his little sister.

10.I hate hate hate change! Its very uncomfterable for me.

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 4:04 PM why are you afraid of 2012???

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