My hubby just called not only did we not custody by hubby got stuck with a boat load of other shit. Now HE has to pay the rest of the gaurdian-ad-lietm fee ($200). The judge wanted to raise his child support but it was put into the agreement that she wouldnt raise it so now we dont get to claim him on taxes after this year. We get stuck taking him back and forth for visitation and we get stuck paying for half the conseling Scott has to go through because of what SHE put him through. Missouri court systems are complete bullshit. I have lost all faith in the judicial system. I don't know how else you prove a mother unfit. I guess she has to be admitted to a mental hospital or a certified drug addict.......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so mad! $6000 to get screwed over in more ways then one.

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 9:20 PM I am so sorry for what happened. My dh and I went through this with little brother. He kept telling everyone he wanted to stay with his dad, but when we went to court he lied because she told him she would buy him a 4-wheeler. It was a very big slap in the face. maybe one of these days he will come to his senses. If you ever want to get to gether and take the little ones to McDonalds to play let me know.

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