when you look around and see your family and friends and realize that all the rest of the world never had any meaning till this moment . my life revolves around my family , even though at times its been rough and very disapointing at times. Im not one to share my feeling and realize that it has made me stronger and yet made me weak emotionally and very unstable when confronted with certain subjects.my two children jaxen and matthew are the loves of my life and breaks my heart my children have to endure such heart ache at such a very young age. my whole is confined in two little boys that are autistic and can not speak , have eating disorders and when upest, sometimes its uncontrolable fits.

my whole is my love for my boys ,, i pray to god even though i have never been very religious. i pray in hopes that god my answer my prayer i never ask for much. i want my boys to grow up and live a normal life. not be held back by being a prisoner of there own mind. can you imagine trying to tell your daddy you love him and never ever be able to speak those words. its tearing me apart that my child must bare such a birden.

my whole is wrapped up, its never loose it never wonders , never outspoken never hungry. my whole is not here and will never be one with himself, the whole of my soul is always crying and on its knees and the lords mercy wishing that he would bestow there disadvantages upon me instead,

my whole if you search ,its easy to find i never conceal it or try to pry it from my self.

my whole is in the hearts and souls of two unbelievable little boys , that have been through a lifetime of living and i realize now that they have been given to me as gifts, to teach me patience and the true meaning of bieng a father.

my whole are thoughts of a father that wishs and prays for so much better for his children, if your a father read this and be thankful that your children do not have obstacles such as mine .

Put yourself in my shoes and send this along to everyone , autistic kids are every were in the world, some do not even know it. 67 children a day are diagnosed with autism . its slowly hindering the future of this great country.

once more my whole is innocent and pure of heart , unaware to a degree and very full of love.

my whole jaxen ryan mitchel and matthew konner mitchel ,

if it cost me my life , i would take it away . hoping and praying at the mercy of whoever may be the greater power help me , to give my whole a better life.

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 8:54 PM Wow, that is really beautiful!  I cried all the way through!  May God Bless your family!  Hoping your children make steady progress!  Karen

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Feb. 5, 2008 at 1:10 PM that is amazing!  It is so nice to hear a fathers feelings sometimes.  I think sometimes we get so wrapped up in things we forget that they may not be perfect but they are emotionally vested in these kids too.  Keep up the good work mom & dad.

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