My son is going on 3 and he's really starting to notice things. First the sitter just called and asked if he could spend the night b/c her daughter has been on her honeymoon this week, and they will be home tonight, and Andrew thinks she died... LMAO! This isn't the first time she's not been there for a week or anything. But her daughter and her new DH will be moving in next door where my babysitter's mom used to live, and her daughter helps her with keeping Andrew.

But I can't take him to the shower with me any more because he asked me where my touey was last time... and his Uncle Richard (my babysitter's husband- VERY close friends of the family) will take him in the bath with him sometimes (PS I have no problem with this before anyone tries to say anything...) but the last time Andrew looked at Richard and then down at him self and said "Uncle Richard fuzzy, Andrew not fuzzy?" OMG I rolled laughing. He also looked at his armpits after seeing Uncle Richard had fuzz there too. They just told him he'll have "fuzz" when he gets older. And then Diane (his sitter) was on the potty and Andrew will sit on his potty when she does sometimes and he said "Diane doesn't have a touey but she's fuzzy." My child is VERY observant for not even being 3 yet!

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 1:46 PM LMAO! How embarrasing!!

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 2:24 PM That is to funny. Mine are 8,5,3 so yep they are like that and have been like that.

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