Okay...so we turned in our lease for the Explorer and bought a minivan.  We found a great deal on the van (**Thank you Lord).  My Mary Kay business is having a turn for the better! (Again, Thank you Lord!!)  I am having bookings and I have learned so much information at the workshop I attended.  I am going to make a Proffessional Woman's Portfolio.  I am going to have women I know and trust, such as hairstylist, masseuse, insurance adjuster, etc. in this portfolio.  They will get their free pampering session with me and I will have their business card posted next to their "makeover" picture with information about the services they offer.  This portfolio will be seen by my customers, so it is sort of like free advertising for these proffessional women!  I am really excited and my list is growing!  If you are a professional women in the Philadelphia, Suburb area and would like to be a part of this...call me 215-637-2844, I would love to have you in my book! 

So I guess I can say, I am happy, things are starting to look good!  Overall, I feel Blessed!


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