Hi My Name is Lee I am originally from Australia,moved here in Dec 07 so have only been here a short time.I lived in Wyoming back in 03-04 which i just loved I am now here in Missouri ,Well the past 3 yrs have been a major nightmare but we have now come to terms with all of that and with the help of the good Lord and our loved ones we can now put that all behind us and move on with our lives and hope and prayer that it will be better I have a wonderful Husband who as been thru all this turmoil with me and yes without a doubt its been very hard and put a major strain on our marriage and then in another way its made us stronger ,We have 2 Beautiful Daughters who are just so precious ,Savannah will be 10 this July and she is just so grown up she suprises me every day and she is so smart thats what I love so much about her she will go far in what ever she wants to do in life,And Angelynne she is 17 mths and she's so onery but so so cute she just knows how to wrap us around her finger but she is our last so we have gone overboard and spoilt her ,I have also 3 Grown Boys back in Australia who I miss dearly Cory who will be 21 this yr geez i'm getting old and he has grown so Handsome,And then there's Daniel his a mama's boy his 19 this yr and hopefully saving his money to come over here ,and then there's my mischeivious boy Dallas he'll be 17 his always been the terror of the boys but he always makes us laugh .But no matter what I'll always be so proud of each one of them Well thats about it

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May. 13, 2008 at 8:23 AM Please to meet you ! Welcome to my Hanai Ohana. Have a great day !

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