Has anyone here ever heard of communism???  It's this little thing where the government took away everyone's rights (as well as their money) and redistributed it so everyone was even (except for the government, which then had complete and utter control because no one could do anything.)  Now, does this sound familiar to anyone???  Just look at where the democratic party is headed, and you will see it.  We already have the highest corporate tax in the world, but that's not enough for democrats.  If they have their say there will be no more corporations, no more competition, no more American dream.  We will no longer be the land of opportunity, but the land of "if you make it, you get to pay for everyone else who was too lazy to try."  This is what will happen if either of those democrats running for office is elected.

We are all mothers here.  We should be trying to take care of our country for our babies.  Not destroying the hundreds of years of hard work that our ancestors put into this country.

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 4:16 PM


i am so glad to read this..............have you ever heard the term, americanski?

people need to wake up and relize that america is not what they think it is, and neither are our "leaders".

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