Just to start this off, I'll let you all know that Jack has been doing awesome the past few weeks with his breathing. We're down to one Pulmicort neb/day! He's hardly been coughing at all--until last night. He finally went to bed aroun 11pm (it's been a struggle lately getting him to go to bed). At 3:30am I woke up to him struggling to breathe and coughing and barking--croup. I ran into his room and picked him up and tried to calm him down. He finally calmed down after what seemed like forever. I took him upstairs and gave him an Albuterol neb and he tolerated that pretty well. He was still very anxious and hacking so I took him upstairs to the bathroom and turned on the steamy hot shower to try to help things. We stayed in there forever (I thought I was gonna pass out it was so hot-like a sauna!) and then I took him back down stairs. He calmed down a little more and we just rocked in the rocking chair. He fell asleep after a while but didn't sleep long before waking up in a coughing fit ever once in a while. But luckily, eventually he slept soundly for a few hours. This morning when the pulm. office opened I called them to tell them what was going on and see what they thought I should do. I just had to bump him up to the 'yellow' zone on his action plan: which meant incresing his Pulmicort nebs from once/day to three times/day and increase his Albuterol from nothing to every 3-6 hrs as needed. If he didn't improve after about an hour after the first neb I was supposed to start his oral steroids. Well, now he seems to be acting fine-playing with Alex, running, jumping, etc. But he still sounds like crap. He does sound much better than this morning though, so that's good. So I think I'll hold off on the steroids for now and just wait and see what happens. The nurse from the pulm. office said that RSV and the flu (influenza, not the 'stomach flu') are going around. With the flu there is usually a fever and with RSV (which has a pretty rapid onset) there is usually a runny nose. So I'm not really sure what the hell is going on with him. I'm reluctant to go to work and have Phil take him for the weekend. I know Phil is a wonderful daddy, but I was so freaked out this morning-I'm not sure what he would've done if he was in the same situation. I do feel a little better that he's breathing better. I'm also sending his old Atrovent inhaler with Phil incase he isn't near his neb machine and he needs a bronchodilator. This'll def. be a weekend that I'm calling every few hours to see how he's doing. It just scares me that it was such a rapid onset. We'll see what happens. I'll keep you posted.

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 3:10 PM Ugh, poor kid. Hope he feels better soon, and I really hope it's not RSV!! Good luck mom!

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