i do not understand the purpose of being rude. i have had two encounters in the last week and i am about to start wearing a sign that says backoff i am in no mood! lol. earlier i was shopping for a birthday card for my friend's son. i was having a hard time because he was having a spongebob birthday and i could not find a spongebob card. i guess i was blocking the cards with my buggy and this lady says "excuse me". i reply with "i'm sorry" and i move out of the way. or so i thought. apparently i did not move enough because less than a minute later this other lady comes up and the rude @#%$ says to her "she is so rude! look how she is blocking the whole aisle!". i was shocked. i turned to her and said that she was pretty immature to talk about me behind my back when i was right there. she hissed back at me and then questioned my parenting skills for arguing with her in the store in front of my children! WTF??? that was the last straw. i politely told her to "not take it there and to nicely go to hell!" i walked off and was irritated for the rest of the day. i try really hard to be polite and curtious when i am shopping. i have 2 kids and they are mobile so sometimes it is difficult. if i am in the way please tell me so that i can move and make your shopping experience the best it can be. and if i don't move enough then tell me again! i am not a mindreader and i am concentrating on my own life which is the most important! sheesh!

now onto today. i was in line at walmart. (funny how it was walmart both times!) there was only one person ahead of me when i got there and she was finishing paying. i didn't have much to pay for so it should have been easy......and then i must have made the world a much more complicated place. i use cloth bags when i shop instead of plastic the reason should be selfexplanatory. the cashier gets a little attitude and huffy because she has to use my bags. i say nothing until another cashier comes up and offers to help her bag because she is so irritated. that was it. i look at the lady and say i understand they must be a strain for you, but i find them much better than polluting the world with your plastic ones. she just gives me a look and says that they are hard to bag. i tell her that she is the first cashier i have ever had that has a problem with them. usually when i hand the cashier's my bags they commend me for taking the time to use them. so that is let go and at the end i remind her that i have coupons. she snatches them out of my hands and starts to take stuff off. she then gets to one and says she won't take it because the bar code is ripped a little. i told her that it didn't matter and she should just type it in. i mean the expiration date is still there and so is the amount off. she huffs at me and does it. thanks goodness because i would have hated to have everyone behind me wait while a manager comes over. so i politely tell her to have a nice day and start to walk away. 30 seconds later she brushes past me in a major hurry to clock out. i guess we know why she was so mean. why couldn't she have just had me wait until the next cashier showed up? or turned off her light after the lady before? i am amazed by how rude people can be. i just had to vent.

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 2:18 PM Wal-mart workers aren't well known for their steller customer service skills. I don't know if that's wonderful payscale wal-mart offers their employees or they just to darn cheap to pay for the training that the employees so badly need.  So, I guess it stands to reason that lousy attitude rubs of on some of the customers. Some of my own worse experiences have happened at wal-mart.  Any more, I think wal-mart is the gateway to hell and those door greeters are smiling because they know that and us suckers still shop there.  LOL..

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 2:25 PM

yup, it seems like every time i go to wal-mart, i always find the rudest people-- whether it be the employees or the customers.  i just don't understand why people can't be just a tad nicer! ugh!

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 2:47 PM Why is that other people seem to think they are the only ones alive in this great big huge world? Is this planet not big enough? LOL I hate rude people. They make our lives so miserable and at times, make me question myself which makes me even more mad! I know I am a good person. Anyway, back to you. Sorry for my little rant. I guess I needed to vent a bit too. You just need to remember that you are a good Mother and that woman in the card isle must have had a broom stick shoved up her behind. That must be so painful! LOL I think you handled her very well. And as for the checker, do not mind her. You are a wonderful person for using the cloth bags. Do you have any idea just how much you are helping keep our landfills from piling up even more. She just does not appreciate people like you. Good job handling her as well. Lets hope this weekend is filled with really nice and friendly people!

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 5:30 PM gimmie her  name and i can turn into home office. I hate every walmat but the ones here in the home office town. They really do strive to have polite employees up here if a person from any dept. of home office is any of the retail outlets of walmart and they see something like what happened to you. If they do not report it they could fired. They are very adament about making sure that you have a nice experience.  See you just need to move up here with me and then itll all be good.

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Feb. 2, 2008 at 3:26 PM I'm glad you didn't back down on letting them use plastic & stood up for your cause! And also made her type in the code for your coupon, come on, how hard is that! Every time I go to walmart I either have a rude cashier or a bunch of rude customers to deal with too so I know what you are talking about!!

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Feb. 5, 2008 at 4:39 PM I hate when that happens. Once when I was putting shay in the car. This lady shut my car door on me so she could get in her car. I had only been out there less then a minute I hadn't even had shay buckled up yet. Talk about impatient. I usually try to stick away from Walmart. I love Target. I always find better deals there anyway.

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