Did I even spell curve right damn! Well it's been awhile and I am sorry Dad went in hospital, and we were there alot! (he's out and recovering doing good!) The kids had a gazillion projects/sports stuff, and I have been working almost everyday (I so miss my old time and life!) also got sick which led to kids then back to hubby, so me having anytime is like a big HA HA HA! ( and if I did I sat in a dark room alone with my keokees')

Also we lost our laptop, so the one computer we have left the kids took over for school and their social status! lol! Our laptop with all it's protection seems to have been taken over by some dang bug that we cannot stop and the guys are working on it right now! So I got about 20 minutes to be on line!

Just wanted to say HELLO and WOW I MISS YA ALL SO MUCH! I need some laughter back into my days and you are my main source of that! lol!

I will be online thru out weekend, and get caught up on YOUR jounals and life! I have been dying to hear about the new baby, Cass!

I did manage to accomplish a BIGGIE this week, I actually got a book and the whole curriculum around it thrown out of my son's 9 th grade Spanish class! So word to the wise, CHECK OUT WHAT THE SCHOOLS HAVE YOUR KIDS READ! This book written by a Spanish woman, is called " Almost a Woman" and was required reading for my son's Spanish class at a public school. He kept talking about it is so stupid, and hard to read, yes it is in English, and what does it have to due with Spanish, I told him to suck it up and read it, and he went and got it and I read the back cover and it reads like it is a story if plight of a Spanish girl, starts when she is 13 yrs old and ends when she is 20 yrs old, coming to America so I open a random page and read, and was so flipping mad, I kept reading. Bad bad bad book, the story is written beautifully for an adult or maybe a much older teen in showing bad and abusive relationships for a health class, if they could show tell you bad ones. Ha, this book would be X rated if it was a movie. How does one become a "woman"? Yea and she has sex with a much older man who was suppose to put her in a movie, then he abuses her and buys her spoils to win her back, to which he tells her how to dress and think, speak only when spoken too, and how she "knows nothing, he will teach her everything she needs to know". I flipped out saw the vice principal who then was aghast, as I read out loud how she has sex with him in such graphic details, She took it to the principal then the teacher, who said both 9 th grade Spanish classes are reading it and they will not discuss the bad parts in class, WTH. Like we should teach our kids that men can treat women like that or women should be ok with that behavior! It also talks about how this other boy cannot marry her because she is Spanish, and he wants to be in politics, so she can be his mistress, "my Father has had a Spanish Mistress for 20 yrs. I can give you a car and a place but marriage Never!" Yea just what 14/15 yr olds need planted in their heads. So she called this morning and said they are pulling the book and curriculum  and moving forward! Can ya tell I'm still hot about it ?

Well just learn from me, CHECK ON YOUR KIDS' SCHOOL READING! It matters! And whoever said ONE WOMAN CANNOT CHANGE MANY MINDS was wrong! I get to put book burner down on my Mom resume now! LOL,lol!  But to save those young minds from thinking any of that is ok, is a way of listening to your neighbor cry for help and not doing anything! 

To all I MISS YOU, please make me laugh now! ha ha! Much love....

Mikki B

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 6:09 PM been missing you too!  hope everything settles down soon for you.

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 9:34 PM

Wow!! I also checked up on what they were reading in school and one book got thrown out and I encouraged my son to read it because it kind og showed where he could end up if he chose to take a certain path. I would not hesitate to make a stink about a book that I felt was inappropiate! You go girl!! Good job!

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 11:48 PM That was very interesting to see what kids were or are reading in school....Funny, we or I didnt have books like this to read.....I would of been up to the school ASAP....When they had open house for my daughter, I learned that a man was teaching sex ed coed none the less....I left the class, I was sooo embarrassed.....Its already hard for kids to talk to their parents.....What were they thinking???...I went to their principal and asked why a guy was teaching instead of a woman,,,,,forget what he said but if the girls needed any help the ladies were there but the lady counslers....Good answer, not what I wanted to hear though....hope all is well....thoughts and prayers are with you..........Leslie

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Feb. 2, 2008 at 2:30 AM

I was wondering where you were lol! That is crazy about that book- wow! It makes you wonder if the teacher even knew what she was giving the kids to read...they are growing up way too fast these days anyway without having something like that put in their lap! Great job!

Hope you have a great weekend!

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Feb. 2, 2008 at 5:35 PM

yeh, well some teachers amaze me too..

My son was told to reasearch illnesses, like Polio, etc..

And what did the teacher recommend my nearly 9 yr old son to research, AIDS...

I was furious and told him that he isn't using the internet for that.. Luckily he accepted it and that was that..

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Feb. 2, 2008 at 8:56 PM Michael has a teacher who makes them write in a journal...questions like " Do you think premarital sex is okay?" and " Do you think people with AIDS are all gay? If so, would that make you shy away from such activity?" She also mentioned she went to school with a guy named Harry Balls, Peter Wang, and Harry Dick!!! I called the pricipal, who is a big wuss, and had to repeat the names. Did he think it was appropriate? He said he would look into it, and reminded me that they hear much worse on the school bus! I said "Well work on that one too buddy!" The teacher gave a lame excuse about the journals are from things the kids discuss about world events and that the dirty name thing was because they were teasing a boy about being called Dicky, and that you shouldn't judge a person on their name. Blah, blah, blah.....Im rambling but can you see me telling the principal about Harry Balls? Yeah lady! I got your Harry Balls! LMAO!!!!

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Feb. 11, 2008 at 9:05 AM


 Hola my friend , como estas tu??


 You are such a rebel ( like me ) and I LOVE IT!!

 Did the prinicipal get horny while you were reading it???


 Good for you girl, don't let them get away with it!!!  Love ya , miss ya .

 TTUSOON! Hope alls going well for you

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