WOW, taking care of a sick child is very stressful, and demanding. What makes it a million times worse is when me (the Momma) is sick as well! Being sick and trying to take care of sick child is soooo hard and depressing. Do you think I get any sympathy from his Daddy, well heck no! He is out working making the money and being sick at the same time! WOW Somebody give him a cookie! Sometimes I don't think he appreciates me, what gives. I say that staying home and taking care of the baby is harder than him working. I really have lots of respect for women who work AND go home and take care of the kiddos!  Our husbands are just big kids that we have to take care of too! LOL I really love my husband but would it be so hard for him to acknowledge that me being a stay at home Mom really isn't easy! Don't get me wrong I LOVE being able to stay home, but he is always trying to make me feel like I got the good end of the stick, well I guess I did I mean I get to see our child everyday (he doesn't), and get to love and hug and hold him all the time! Maybe he is right, sometimes I just get stressed especially right now, I mean I can't even talk I have lost my voice from being sick!! Maybe its not so bad! Well typing this help me put some things into perspective! What do you know you can help yourself sometimes!

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Feb. 8, 2008 at 10:08 AM Girl! I've been a stay at home mom since my son was born over 3 yrs ago and let me tell you... our husbands are never going to know or understand what it's like for us.  There was a study done on what jobs pay the most and did you know that stay at home mom was the most difficult on the list and that if we got paid, in money not slobber, spit-up and poop, we would have the highest salary in the world! We do sooo many different things each day that it would make our husband's heads spin!  My husband just nods and smiles now when I tell him how hard my "job" is.  Your husband will get there... eventually.  You just remember that YOU are the most important thing in your child's life and you're there for him EVERYDAY!  And other Moms know what you go through and empathize with how you feel! I've also been sick with a sinus infection, I waited too long to go the Dr so it's 3 times worse than normal, and Jack is getting over a cold. I feel for ya! Hang in there!!

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