So, my boyfriend had to work days today, so he went to bed as soon as he got home at midnight. I take care of the baby mostly at night anyways because I breastfeed. I nurse and he changes the diaper in the morning, it makes us even. Well, this morning I was nursing the baby when his alarm went off. He hit snooze three times so when I was done, I handed the baby over to him and rolled over back to sleep. I could hear the baby start fussing so I told him he needed his diaper changed. Well he went off and said, I NEED TO GO TO WORK! He hadn't even gotten up and taken a shower. Sorry but he expects me to take care of the baby totally when he has work the next day. Normally that's fine and I can pretty much handle it myself but when I get too frustrated, I hand him over. It's part of being a parent. Those sleepless nights. Do you think I get a break when I have to get up early? You think I don't have to feed him and say, I HAVE TO GO TO WORK? Whatever. He needs to get used to the idea the he doesn't just take care of the baby when it's convient for him.

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